Journey Review

Though I don’t like to think of myself as a gaming neanderthal, games of the art house variety generally don’t do it for me. While I appreciate how titles like Ico, Braid, and Child of Eden push the boundaries of what games can be,  I generally find these games to be not that fun to play.

Journey is lauded in many circles as the latest great artsy game. If it weren’t for the tremendous amount of positive word-of-mouth for it, I probably would have skipped it completely. Is this the art game that will win me over?

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Tripping Out with Child of Eden

For my brother’s birthday, I got him a copy of Child of Eden. He’s a big fan of the music and rhythm game genre, and he did enjoy Rez. I on the other hand, fell out of the music game genre pretty hard with the crash of the plastic instrument scene, and couldn’t tell you anything about Rez other than the fact that you could get a vibrator with it.

Going into Child of Eden, I had no idea what to expect. Having just finished two out of the five levels in the game, I not even sure what it was I just played.

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Pick-Up Post: Catherine Pre-Order Edition

One of the reasons I pre-ordered Catherine once I decided to buy it (besides the ability to avoid the embarrassment of purchasing it in person) was to get the CD soundtrack and the art book for free with what Atlus positioned as the pre-order edition. However, due to Amazon failing to ship my order in a timely manner, I just went out to my local retailer and bought a copy. To my surprise, every launch copy of the game is the pre-order edition, which means if you buy a launch copy of the game, you’ll get the bonus art book and CD soundtrack regardless of whether you pre-ordered it.

As of writing, I haven’t played the game yet. However, I thought I’d at least post my impressions on the launch package in case you were interested in what the art book and soundtrack are like.

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Game-Breaking Glitch Stops Me From Finishing God of War II

After my initial lukewarm impressions on God of War II, I thought things were starting pick up. Some of my lingering quirks with the sequel in regards to déjà vu and ambiguous puzzles remained, but I was enjoying the game more after giving it a second chance. In light of my recent experience with the game, I will not be giving it any more chances.

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Public Service Announcement: What to Do If You Lost Access to Your “Welcome Back” Free Games

The PlayStation Store has been back for a few days now, and the “Welcome Back” program is in full effect. While it’s a nice gesture to be given free stuff, the process in which you get your free games is clunky and more confusing than it needs to be. You also run into a series of random error messages as you work through the process. Worst of all, during the process, it can error out in a way where it appears like you can no longer access one of or both of your free games. This just happened to me, and I was very upset for a few minutes.

Don’t fret if this happens to you. I found the fix on the PlayStation Community forums and have included this in the post. Follow the steps and you should be fine. No one should have to go through this kind of junk to get these “Welcome Back” freebies, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

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Early Impressions of God of War II

Even though I was many years late to the party, once I started playing the first God of War, I finished it in relatively short order. That first God of War game was pretty awesome and I was excited to jump into God of War II. However, I thought it would be best for me to take a break from the series and take care of some other games before I jump back into it.

Though I’ve been picking at God of War II for at least a month now, I don’t have much to show for my time. I’m not very far into it, but I’m already considering skipping it for God of War III. What’s happening?

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Thoughts on Blur’s Career Mode


I really like Blur’s Career Mode in concept. It’s designed in a way to make sure that you’re never stuck on one thing. You always have multiple races you can choose from and different goals to work towards in order to unlock the next series of races or the next rival race. Even when you lose races, you can still earn fans or new cars.

But what happens when you get stuck on every available option? This is what’s happened to me in Blur. I’m not very far into the career mode at all, but I’ve already hit the wall. Maybe more determined (or skilled) players would fight through it, but I’m going to have to disappoint Vin Diesel on this one.

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Uncharted 2 Single Player Mode Review


For the first few sections of the game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves made me wonder what all the hype was about. The game starts out with a stealth sequence that I didn’t find very fun to play, followed by a pass through a jungle, which was 95% of the original game. I had high hopes for Uncharted 2 surpassing the good but flawed original, but things did not start off on the right foot for me.

But then you’re running through a city with an armored vehicle trailing close behind you. Then you’re running away from a helicopter. Then you have to escape a collapsing building. From that point on, Uncharted 2 was pretty awesome.

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Pick Up Post – James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game


Rounding out the gaming-related presents I received this Christmas was Avatar: The Game. I received it as a present from my girlfriend’s family, which I truly appreciate.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. As for the game? I don’t actually know anything about it.

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Heavy Rain Movie Being Made

I’m normally not one to get excited about video game movies, because they’re basically all terrible. But if any video game had a shot at being a good movie, I think Heavy Rain is that game. According to Variety, who broke the news,Warner is going to be the one taking that shot. They’ve hired on David Milch, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynn to produce the film. For whatever reason, they’re also dropping the word ‘heavy’ from the title, as the film will simply be called “Rain”.

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