Stardew Valley Review

Wanting to escape the soul-crushing corporate world, you retreat to the farm that once belonged to your grandfather. The cabin is tiny and wilderness has reclaimed the land, but with a lot of elbow grease, you can restore it to its former glory.

Thus, your adventure in Stardew Valley begins. Even with over 10 million sold since its 2016 launch, I still found a patch of land to call my own.

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Improving My Streaming Content with a Voice Changer and a Little Ingenuity

“Haley is ignoring you.”

After receiving a harsh comment from Haley in Stardew Valley about my perceived lack of fashion sense the other day, the animosity grew with this latest interaction. Refusing to even look me in the eye, I decided to find another way to her heart: through my phone.

In one hand, I picked up my phone. The other hand was holding down the button to my new voice changer. Now sounding to the viewers as if I was actually on the phone, I left a pathetic voicemail of my character begging for Haley’s attention.

As I hung up the phone, the Simp Phone was born. What started as a silly spur-of-the moment test of my new voice changer became a recurring segment. More importantly, it was a step towards shoring up one of my biggest weaknesses as a streamer.

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Charting My Video Game Skills on an RPG Stat Sheet

For years, I have kicked around this silly hypothetical question in my head. “In a world where characters are scored based on their abilities within each video-game-related skill, how would I score in each?” In this post, I pick a handful of genres that represent my strengths and flaws as a gamer and give them a score based on a 0-10 scale. Let’s try this out!

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Game Dev Story Review

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Positive word-of mouth for Game Dev Story spread quickly on gaming websites, blogs, message boards and podcasts. Based on purpose alone, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Game Dev Story is the ultimate gaming-enthusiast game. It’s a game about running every aspect of a video game company. Want to hire a pro producer? You can do that. Think you need booth babes for the upcoming Gamedex game convention? You can do that. Want to develop on that hot new PlayStatus 2 but don’t have the capital to buy a licensing agreement? You’ll have to deal with that, too.

Having dropped way too many hours into this game in a short amount of time, I know for sure why this game has built up such a buzz for itself. It’s the game for game enthusiasts. It’s a game about the games you play, the stories you read about on websites and blogs and the discussions you have on message boards. When I picked this up, I could not put it down. If you’re just looking for a fun ‘Tycoon’ style game to play, this is right up your alley, too.

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