Into the Breach Review

As much as I love Advance Wars, I understand why the series has laid dormant for over a decade. At a root level, the franchise’s game mechanics simply weren’t built for the long haul. Fighting with replenishable nameless and faceless units led to levels that could drag while also lacking emotional weight.

Advance Wars and Fire Emblem are both turn-based strategy games made by the same company, but the latter’s focus on individual characters with names, faces, skills that develop over time, and the threat of a shortened lifespan makes for an easier-to-renew franchise with each set of fresh faces to care about. Eventually, fighting with the same tanks and planes got stale, to the point where Nintendo disastrously attempted to resuscitate Advance Wars with a gritty reboot that sank the whole franchise to this day.

When I first saw Into the Breach, I came into it with expectations of it playing like Nintendo’s wartime strategy franchise. Even with the latter’s design faults, it’s been so long that I’d be okay with it as long as I got to manage units on a battlefield again. What it ends up being is a really clever twist on the formula that breathes new live into a formerly-stale concept.

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Dr Mario Co-Stream with Kris & Rachel from Double Jump!

Double dose of Double Jump today! Kris, Rachel, and I come together for our first co-stream! First on the docket is Dr. Mario! They’re awesome and it was so much fun getting to play games and hang out on stream together. If they’re not back on sooner, they’ll be joining me and many others on our Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon! Make sure to follow them on everything!


My Favourite Paladins Characters Version 1.0

On the heels of my favourite Overwatch characters, I had to do the same for the other hero shooter in my life. With a roster that’s over 30+ characters deep, Paladins has many to choose from. With so many equivalent characters across the two games in terms of look and function, how many of these parallels make it onto my list?

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Yoku’s Island Express Review

Yoku’s Island Express is one of the more novel game concepts you’ll come across. Playing the role of a dung beetle postal worker who is tethered to a ball, you’re tasked with delivering mail while also helping to prevent the apocalypse. Oh yeah, and while the game looks like a 2D platformer, you can’t actually jump. You traverse the entire world through walking and by launching yourself with pinball paddles littered throughout the island of Mokumana. Wait, what?

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Mega Man 11 Review

Long time, no see! Not having starred in a new game since the release of the fan-made Mega Man X Street Fighter in 2012, many feared that the Blue Bomber would never find his way back. Six years later, he makes his triumphant return in Mega Man 11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but is this game a welcome return for Mega Man?

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My New Super Mario Bros. U Adventure Continues!

Caught by surprise by how much I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U. the other day, we continue our quest through the game! My favourite level, Painted Swampland, also makes an appearance!

No Peachette. No Bowsette. No Problem! Jett Plays New Super Mario Bros. U!

Peachette will be in the Switch port of New Super Mario Bros. U coming in January 2019 and Bowsette may not see the light of day beyond the flood of art, memes, and cosplay. That’s not gonna stop me from giving New Super Mario Bros. U another go! Shoutouts to Twitter user @ayyk92 for the art and concept!

Mega Man 11 – Block Man and Bounce Man Live Stream

Mega Man 11 is live! I take on my first two robot masters: Block Man and Bounce Man! Block Man’s stage gave me a bit of trouble, but Bounce Man’s stage almost caused me to rage quit the stream!

My Intro to MOBAs through Arena of Valor

Save for an hour of noodling with Guardians of Middle-Earth on PS3 many years ago, the entire MOBA movement has essentially eluded me. Flagship titles like League of Legends and Dota 2 have a home on PC, a platform I don’t play games on. Furthermore, my eyes tend glaze over any time I try to watch a match or have someone explain to me how these games work. Probably the same reaction I get from most people when I go in-depth about fighting games.

With Arena of Valor on the Switch, it’s an opportunity for me to meet the genre half way. I can play it on a platform I routinely use, and the game from what I’ve heard is a more streamlined version of the genre’s titans. After two hours of play, did I enjoy my time with the Switch MOBA? And could this be a stepping-stone towards the real deal?

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