Nintendo Direct News That Has Got Me EXCITED

Yesterday, Nintendo finally stepped forward with its first full Nintendo Direct in over a year. It was great to see so many announcements jam-packed in a 50-minute presentation. Though I won’t cover everything here, I will highlight a few trailers that really caught my attention!

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My Eternal Rival! – Street Fighter V Live Stream

Matchmaking keeps pairing me up with a specific Ken player and I struggle mightily to defeat him across multiple sets. Do I manage to finally take this demon down? We also run a little Street Fighter 101 and teach the value of normal moves!

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Sayonara Wild Hearts Review

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a stylish rhythm action game in the same vein as Rez and Child of Eden. With so few games of this ilk in existence, it’s good to see others exploring what’s possible within this space. But is this latest take on the genre a bop or a flop? Continue reading

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Gray-Market for Nook Miles Tickets

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not have in-game microtransactions. Even so, that has not stopped some players from buying in-game items with real money. In particular, Nook Miles Tickets are a hot commodity, with players buying tickets in the hundreds – or thousands – for just a few real-life dollars. Even my wife has purchased Nook Miles Tickets from an online vendor and found the experience to be a better way of securing tickets rather than playing the game as intended.

What’s going on here?

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50 Nook Miles Tickets Later, Can I Find Bob in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

With Zell moving out, we go out on another villager hunt to find Bob in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Is today the day when I finally bring my favourite villager home?

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Rogue Company But With Twitch Subs On The Line!

Time for our community to get paid! I plan on giving away a Twitch sub at the end of the stream, but will give away a total of three if Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, MacGyverisms, and I win more matches than we lose. Are we able to secure the bag for our community?

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Good Reads! – Street Fighter V Live Stream

Continuing to work myself back into game shape, I take on the world in a series of tough Street Fighter V matches! Everyone puts up a strong fight, but you can’t stop the good reads!

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Favourite Songs from Sayonara Wild Hearts Soundtrack

Sayonara Wild Hearts is self-described as a “pop album video game“. As you race down windy streets in your motorcycle and fly through an assortment of ethereal spaces, all of the action is driven by an awesome electro pop soundtrack.

When I go back and listen to the soundtrack, I generally just let it run from beginning-to-end and vibe to the album as a whole. Even so, I can’t help but groove to these standout tracks and levels from the game.

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NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE! – Street Fighter V Road to Redemption!

My Street Fighter V road to redemption hits a major stumbling block when I run into two characters I’ve never fought against. How do I respond squaring off against characters and strategies I’ve never seen before?

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A Love-Centric List of Video Games to Play in Celebration of Valentine’s Day

Video games have a lot of growing up to do when it comes to the subject of love. Decades of catering to the taste of young boys has left the content a bit…emotionally-stunted. As such, those looking for a love-related content fix will heavily gravitate towards other mediums such as film, music, and literature instead.

To gaming’s credit, steps are being taken in the right direction. Gaming is starting to take on the subject in more thoughtful ways and I’m here for it! As we head towards Valentine’s Day, maybe a few of these games can get you in the spirit of the season, whether you’re madly in love or wrestling with heartbreak.

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