Early Impressions: Mortal Kombat’s Fighting Game Mechanics

When you think about Mortal Kombat as a series, you think about blood and fatalities. Do you think about it’s rich and deep fighting game engines? Probably not. Mortal Kombat has traditionally, been a fighting game series built primarily on style over substance. For Midway/Warner Brothers, this lead to consistently good sales throughout the series history among more casual fighting game fans, but the hardcore have pretty much shunned it. Case in point: Super Street Fighter II Turbo is still being played at major fighting game tournaments this year, while the entire Mortal Kombat scene has virtually never had any sort of tournament scene to speak of.

I loved Mortal Kombat I-III, but having grown into a hardcore fighting game player these last few years has really coloured my perspective on those games in hindsight. I can still have a ton of fun playing the Street Fighter II series games of the same era, but those early Mortal Kombat games just don’t have the depth of gameplay to hold my attention nowadays. With that said, Ed Boon, the creator of Mortal Kombat, said this new one was aiming to cater to the hardcore crowd. I’ve only spent a few hours with it playing the story mode, tutorial and some versus matches with my coworkers, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to pass final judgment about the game now. But what I can tell you about are my experiences with the game so far, is that from a gameplay systems perspective, this is probably the deepest Mortal Kombat ever.

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In Third Person Quick Hits: May 17 2011 Edition

Hello, friends!

There’s a lot of gaming-related stuff I want to talk about, but not enough time to write it all down into well thought-out and extended posts. Instead of falling behind the times, I thought I’d try and tackle the stuff I wanted to talk about in small, concise chunks.

If this format works out and is something you’d like to see more of, I’ll try it again. Hope you enjoy!

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Top 5 In Third Person Posts – April 2011 Edition

April 2011 was quite the month for hot gaming topics. On the news front, Sony and Nintendo dominated discussion around the Internet, as PSN was shut down for over a week due to hackers and Nintendo officially revealed their plans for a new home console in 2012. As for the games, any month featuring Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat is a good month in my books.

In spite of April’s hot topics, none of my posts regarding those topics made this month’s top 5 In Third Person posts. If those didn’t garner the most traffic, then what did?

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Out Now: Mortal Kombat

Yesterday, the highly-anticipated reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise hit stores. From what I’ve been seeing on Metacritic, it’s being received really well from the gaming press. Up until I played the demo a while back, I had plans to buy this on day one. However, here I am blogging from the outside, looking in. I didn’t buy it on day one, nor do I feel the urge to have this in my collection immediately. What happened?

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Mortal Kombat Tournament and Kollector’s Edition Pictures and Details

Yesterday, TRMK got the scoop on the the two special editions for the upcoming Mortal Kombat game. There will be two versions: the Kollector’s Edition and Tournament Edition (pictured above). For full details on both packages, click through to the rest of the post. If you don’t feel like clicking through, I just want to say that the Tournament edition with the fightstick is hot.

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Kratos is Playable in Mortal Kombat 9 as a PlayStation 3 Exclusive


Kratos is set to appear as a playable character in the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat 9. Stickskills.com reported late last night that this will be confirmed in the January issue of Game Informer, which is set to hit newsstands later this week.

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Thoughts About the Upcoming Mortal Kombat Game

I haven’t liked a Mortal Kombat game for a long time. I enjoyed the first one, thought the second one was the best and that the third one was a bit of a letdown. From there, I lost interest in the series when it shifted to 3D, added weapons and any other gimmicky stuff to keep the series fresh. To be fair, the Mortal Kombat games have always sold well, but the series hasn’t been relevant among hardcore fighting game fans or the mass audience in years.

Thankfully, the developers behind Mortal Kombat seem to be going the Street Fighter IV route by going back to what made the game great in the first place.

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