SteamWorld Quest Review

Off the strength of two stellar SteamWorld Dig games and the excellent SteamWorld Heist, Image & Form have proven themselves as a developer worthy of my attention. I’m willing to give them a chance on whatever they put out.

Put that line of thinking to the test when I finally got around to SteamWorld Quest. This time, the talented studio tries their hand at creating a turn-based JRPG with a card battling system. Does Image & Form continue its hot streak?

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Boy With Love – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 4

Coming to grips with my past romantic failures in Stardew Valley, I lay it all on the line for Haley right off the bat. When I wasn’t putting on the moves, I dove deep into the mines for rare minerals. Throughout the stream, we also touch on the subject of long distance relationships, rough working conditions, and a trio of random games make it into show & tell!

At the end, I take a few detours into a few oldies: Atari Flashback Classics and Panel De Pon!

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Overwatch and Spray Paint Art Review Live Stream!

In between Overwatch matches, I share my latest round of spray paint art. Not only do I have the final products here, but I also have video documenting my process! We also discuss the awkwardness of blind dates and thank Queen Victoria for the Canadian long weekend!

Click through for the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

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Why Did You Eat That!? – Stardew Valley Live Stream – Part 3

Though I’ve been pining for Haley for weeks now, we’ve made inroads with someone else in ways that I didn’t expect. Besides that, we partake in our first egg festival, discuss our issues with using social media, and geek out over the return of the Tony Hawk series!

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Improving My Streaming Content with a Voice Changer and a Little Ingenuity

“Haley is ignoring you.”

After receiving a harsh comment from Haley in Stardew Valley about my perceived lack of fashion sense the other day, the animosity grew with this latest interaction. Refusing to even look me in the eye, I decided to find another way to her heart: through my phone.

In one hand, I picked up my phone. The other hand was holding down the button to my new voice changer. Now sounding to the viewers as if I was actually on the phone, I left a pathetic voicemail of my character begging for Haley’s attention.

As I hung up the phone, the Simp Phone was born. What started as a silly spur-of-the moment test of my new voice changer became a recurring segment. More importantly, it was a step towards shoring up one of my biggest weaknesses as a streamer.

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Not Ready For This Jelly – Stardew Valley Multiplayer Stream with Double Jump and PlayerTwoStart

Kris from Double Jump and my brother Randy join me to start our latest venture: Triple Jump Start Farm! While the two experts breeze their way through the early stages of Stardew Valley, I spend too much time pining for love in all the wrong places. Also, did we make it out of the mines alive?!

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Celebrating a Twitch Milestone with a Money Gun!

200 follows! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this journey! I get super sappy and shout out everyone who follows the channel before blasting the money gun in a blaze of glory!

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Calling Haley on My Simp Phone! – Stardew Valley Let’s Play Live Stream Part 2

I bought a voice changer mostly to sound like Auto-Tune when I thank people. Instead, it takes on a life of its own when I use it with Stardew Valley! Why does the wizard sound like T-Pain? And even though Haley has voiced her disinterest in me, I can’t stop leaving her voicemails through my Simp Phone (TM)!

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Treasure Stack Review

Remember Wario’s Woods? No? I don’t blame you. Released as the final officially-licensed NES game in 1994 (and released on the SNES later that year), this puzzle game felt like it got lost in the shuffle even at the time. Despite being a fan of Nintendo games and puzzle games, this one slipped through my fingers for reasons that elude me.

Not to say that it’s bad. Its core gameplay concept is actually rather interesting. Instead of taking direct control of the pieces as they fall down the well, you controlled a character inside the well who had to pick up, move, and drop the pieces in order to create sets and clear blocks. Haven’t really seen any games try that concept since.

Decades later, Treasure Stacker by indie studio PIXELAKES builds on the concept. Does this modern take prove that gaming shouldn’t have abandoned the idea when it did?

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