Check Out My Editorial Piece “May The Lesser Man Win” Now on

Up now on Splitkick is my first editorial piece for them entitled “May the Lesser Man Win: Parallels Between Boxing’s Latest Debacle and Modern-Day Fighting Game Design“. The idea for the piece has been floating around in my head for awhile, but the recent bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley ultimately was the catalyst for me pulling those ideas into a fully-formed piece. If an op-ed piece about the role of field-leveling mechanics in fighting games is something of interest to you, definitely head over to Splitkick to check it out!

This is also my first piece as a Staff Writer, which Splitkick announced officially in their one-year anniversary celebration post. Thanks to everyone on the Splitkick team for embracing me as one of their own. It’s been a pleasure working with Splitkick and I’m looking forward our future endeavours!

Universal Fighting Game Guide: 11 Tips To Help You Survive a Fighting Game Tournament

When it comes to fighting games, there’s nothing more exciting, intense or as important as the fighting game tournament. This is the place where fighting game players who take their games seriously strut their stuff in hopes of winning the big prize, and more importantly, earning the respect of their fellow fighting game playing peers. You can say what you want about how you scrape your friends all the time at your place, or how you’re a legend at your local arcade, or how you’re one of the top ranked players online, but in the new era of fighting games, it’s all about showing and proving at a tournament, especially one that’s being live streamed for viewers around the world to check out.

Though I’m far from a seasoned tournament veteran, I’m still very much feeling the buzz from my time at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships, which is the inspiration for today’s post. I think I’ve had enough tournament experience (and have heard enough second-hand accounts) to give you a few words of wisdom if you plan on going to a tournament, especially if this will be your first one.

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My Experience at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships

Get hype!

Yesterday, I came to bring the pain at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships. While it was not my first-ever fighting game tournament, it was definitely my first fighting game tournament of this magnitude. Everything about this one had a lot more weight to it, from the Team Spooky stream, to the international players flying in for this event, to the skill-sets of the players attending, to the hype that filled the room when something dramatic happened. Having watched these types of events take place for years from afar, it was very cool to be a part of it this time.

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The Toronto Fighting Game Championships Are Taking Place Today

The biggest fighting game tournament that Toronto has ever seen is upon us! T12 Toronto Fighting Game Championships are set to take place today, and if you’re reading this shortly after I posted this, I’m most likely on my way to the venue. If you’re interested in watching all of the hot fighting game action, you can watch it all thanks to the Team Spooky stream. If you’re lucky, you just might catch me on the steam! If so, If you’re super lucky, you might catch me winning a match or two, though I’m not holding my breath for that particular outcome. 🙂

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Understanding Combos Systems Part 2 – Putting It All Together

Welcome back to part 2 of a mini-series of combo systems posts within In Third Person’s Universal Fighting Game Guide. Part 1 dealt with the elements that make up a combo system in most fighting games, which you can find here. This post will take those fundamental elements and try to outline a process you can use to help you establish a knowledge and execution foundation to build your combo abilities on.

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I’m Going To T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships

Last year, I dipped my toe into the competitive gaming waters by participating in Fan Expo 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV tournament. While I was bummed out that Fan Expo didn’t run any fighting game tournaments this year, I am attending something that will most likely be way cooler.

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: Understanding Combo Systems Part 1 – The Elements


If you’ve ever had any sort of interest in fighting games, you’ve probably stumbled across a combo video or two. They’re very cool to watch, and you may have even taken it upon yourself to be as good as the person in the video by going to a guide and learning how to read an execute something like this from BlazBlue:

214D -> B (FC), 623D, dash, 3C xx 236236B, 214D -> C, 5C 2C 4D -> D, [j.C x n] [dj.C x n] xx j.214B – 50% Heat

While you may be tempted to learn the big fancy combos the moment you start playing a new fighting game, it’s not the best way to level yourself up. Mastering the physical execution of big combos is nice, but learning the big combos without knowing the context behind them first is like trying to run without learning how to walk. This is post 1 in a two-part mini-series about understanding combo systems. Part 1 will deal with the elements that make up most combo systems, while part 2 will discuss how to put context to those elements to shape your offensive capabilities. Let’s get moving with part 1!

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Novril’s MS Paint Guide on How to Beat Phoenix

YouTube user Novril is back! I loved his first MS Paint video guide on how to beat Sentinel, and this time he’s back with a great guide on how to beat Phoenix. It’s comforting to see that much of the Phoenix knowledge I wrote about a few months ago is in here, but he also has some great strategies I wasn’t aware of until watching this video.

Also, the MS Paint style and charm are pretty funny. I’m looking forward to newer installments of this series, as I think the world needs a guide on how to beat the over-powered Yun and Yang in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Anyway, click through to see the Phoenix video and share your appreciation with Novril if you enjoy this series!

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In Third Person’s Reader Trends: May 2011 Edition

It’s usually that time of the month when I’d write about In Third Person’s top 5 posts for the month. I don’t want to do that anymore, because I don’t think it told that interesting of a story. I don’t think it benefits anyone when I write about the same 5 or 6 top posts every month that just so happen to be Google aggregate favourites (I’m looking at you, Gaming’s Definitive Moustaches).

Instead, I thought I’d do something more interesting with the numbers. Let me know if you enjoy this format better!

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Top 5 In Third Person Posts – April 2011 Edition

April 2011 was quite the month for hot gaming topics. On the news front, Sony and Nintendo dominated discussion around the Internet, as PSN was shut down for over a week due to hackers and Nintendo officially revealed their plans for a new home console in 2012. As for the games, any month featuring Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat is a good month in my books.

In spite of April’s hot topics, none of my posts regarding those topics made this month’s top 5 In Third Person posts. If those didn’t garner the most traffic, then what did?

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