Surprise Hit of 2021?! – It Takes Two Live Stream!


It Takes Two made quite the splash when it first came out earlier this year. PlayerTwoStart and I finally give this co-op adventure a shot!

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Six-Stack Attack! – Overwatch Live Stream!

PlayerTwoStart, switchtodecaf, Qowface, MacGyverisms, and rainedrop184 team up with me to take on the world in Overwatch! We also discuss the newly-implemented cross-platform play feature and I share my latest Pokemon card pull!

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Guilty Gear -Strive- Review

As an outsider looking in, the Guilty Gear franchise was historically defined by three things:

  • Incredible anime art style
  • Rocking soundtrack
  • Gameplay mechanics so complex you needed a Ph. D. just to be competent

While the franchise’s core audience love it for those reasons, my limited time playing Guilty Gear Xrd was a real struggle. Even with my prior experience in other fighting games at a competitive level, its layers of gameplay systems and character-specific systems immediately overwhelmed me.

Complexity doesn’t necessarily make Guilty Gear bad. In fact, with fighting game design as a whole moving towards a more streamlined approach, Guilty Gear was one of the last bastions for 2D fighters with that level of depth.

As such, the reality of ArcSys streamlining the mechanics of Guilty Gear -Strive- in hopes of brining more players to fold is one that will ruffle feathers on both sides.

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Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Live Stream!

Happy Birthday, Overwatch! PlayerTwoStart and I return to our favourite shooter to unlock the event-exclusive Echo skin! We also play a hot new board game that forces me to answer the question, “Is Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 overrated?”

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Knockout City Review

Video game dodgeball has existed since the 80s with the likes of Super Dodge Ball. As a whole though, dodgeball is an underutilized concept. Maybe other game designers didn’t want to step on the toes of the Kunio-Kun universe. Maybe they just didn’t have any ideas to expand on the core concept of hitting people in the face with balls.

Enter Knockout City. Taking cues from team deathmatch shooters, Metroid Prime, and…fighting games(?)…this might be the most ambitious dodgeball game yet.

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The Best Mode in Rogue Company is…Dodge Ball?

If you can dodge bullets, you can dodge a ball?

No, there aren’t any actual balls to duck in the Dodge Ball mode found in Rogue Company. But that doesn’t stop this side mode from currently being the best reason to play this free-to-play shooter.

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Knockout City is a very traditional game (with a fairly unique twist)

Underneath the veneer of fantastical dodgeball, Knockout City is a team deathmatch shooter. Players roam around an enclosed space, hitting each other with projectiles to score points.

In practice, Knockout City feels very different from a traditional shooter. Not because you’re hurling dodgeballs instead of firing bullets. Its unique feel is derived from the absence of a core tenet of shooter design: aiming.

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Psychic! – Street Fighter V Rose Matches

Still have much to learn with Rose, but I make some incredible reads in this set of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition matches! We also discuss the rumors of NetherRealm Studios making a Marvel fighting game and false accusations made against me!

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Rose is Back! – Day 1 Street Fighter V Matches

My Street Fighter V road to redemption hits a major stumbling block when I run into two characters I’ve never fought against. How do I respond squaring off against characters and strategies I’ve never seen before?

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The Curious Case of Downgraded Performance of Rogue Company on PC By Switching Monitors the Wrong Way

One of the weird quirks I’m still wrestling with when it comes to PC gaming is switching between monitors. Most games by default open on the main monitor, which isn’t actually what I want. The only game I’ve been able to get to open on the right screen by default is Overwatch. Everything else requires some noodling in the settings before I start.

Even so, switching monitors shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Unfortunately, the situation proved a bit hairier with Rogue Company.

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